Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sand Vader

I don't feel real well so I am going to make today a quick post. They are making a sand park in Portugal. This sculpture of Darth Vader is one of about 60 they will have.

I only read 2 comics yesterday. They were:

Thor 9. Thor is now being written by one of my favorite writers, J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of Babylon 5. I am intrigued with this tale, but I came aboard late so there are a few things I don't understand. A trade paperback containing the first 5 issue will be out soon which will help tremendously.

House Of Mystery 2. House of Mystery used to simply be an anthology book which was hosted by Cain. He simply introduced the stories. I believe his character was fleshed out a little by Neil Gaiman in his Sandman series. This series seems to focus more on the house, where people are more or less trapped in the house. This is a fascinating book and I am looking forward to seeing where they are going with it.

Todays card is the second McCain/Hilary card.

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