Tuesday, May 11, 2010


What we have here is...failure to communicate. The Captain, Cool Hand Luke.

Wal-Mart is striving to become a green company. We have always recycled cardboard and a few years ago we started recycling plastic, not just the bags you get but all the plastic that is used on cases. Now we are going one step further. Compost piles are now being fed the produce, thawed frozen foods, and dairy products. So what does that have to do with communication? This was implemented but no one told those of us who work on third shift about it. Since then I have heard three different stories about what exactly is to be saved. The bad thing about the way this has been implemented is the powers that be seem to be leaving it open to interpretation. That is always scary because two people can read the same thing and walk away with different meanings. I am not complaining about having to do it, although it does make it a little more difficult for me, I just wished it had been explained better.

I think recycling is a good thing. I had been good about it for years but lately I hadn't been doing it. About a month ago I decided to quit being so lazy and so once again I am doing it. Here in Calhoun they will take tin cans, plastic containers, glass bottles, aluminum cans, newspaper and cardboard. I used to have a lot of newspaper, I would buy two a day, but with the price increases of papers I have just been getting my news online.

My smile for the day was caused by whoever sets pricing on grocery items for Wal-Mart. Our current price for Velveeta Shells and Cheese is $1.75. The varieties of it, bacon, broccoli, etc, is $1.74.

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