Monday, May 24, 2010

Writers Block.

Last week was a bad week for my blog. Each day I started to post an entry and each day ended in failure. The words simply would not flow. It is not the first time that it has happened to me but I was puzzled by it. What I intended to post was something that should have been easily written but I just couldn't get it right. Tuesday's post was going to be a quick one detailing my plans for Tuesday night. I went to Dalton to pick up my comics and had to get to bed earlier than usual because I was going to see Iron Man 2. I tried several approaches but I wasn't happy with any of them so I quit.

Wednesday's post was going to be a review of Iron Man 2. Reviews are usually easy for me but once again I couldn't get it right. I found a picture of the poster to use, uploaded it into a blog post and started writing. After changing the opening sentence 5 times I decided to just leave it alone and write the review Thursday. To borrow a phrase from Herman's Hermits second verse, same as the first. That left Friday and of course we all know that third times a charm, right. Third verse, same as the first. It was very frustrating for me, especially coming on the heels of my little extended blogging break, which had been longer than I planned on.

Friday night at work I was pondering what was going on. One of the great things about doing my job as long as I have is I can put my body on automatic and let my mind wander. I still can get everything done that I need to. The main question to myself was, why are you not writing? I enjoy writing but lately I have found it hard to do. So what is the problem? I contemplated it for about half an hour when something happened.

I realized what the problem was. So what was it? I'll tell you about in a couple of weeks. When I post it you too will see the light.

I find a lot of my writing as therapy for me. I have mentioned before this blog has become much more personal than I ever thought it would. The post I am writing is one grand session for me. There are two reasons why I am delaying it. One is it is special for me and I don't want to rush it. I want to spend some extra time to make sure it says what I want it too. The second reason is timing and again, when you read it you will understand.

On my entry last Monday I mentioned being questioned by my manager as to whether or not a truck had arrived. I forgot to put the kicker into the story. The truck arrived five minutes after I asked about it.

Smile for today. VH1 has ran several series around the theme I Love The (fill in the decade) They go through each year and talk about the news, fads, movies, etc from each year. One of them involved the old commercial "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" This morning I took the advice of one of the comedians (I believe it was Donal Logue) and I bought them.

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