Friday, May 14, 2010

Thicker Skin Needed.

Bengie Molina is mad at ESPN. The other night on Sportscenter they showed Molina getting thrown out at home on a play that most players would have been safe on. When showing it the used slow motion and played a little of the music from the movie Chariots Of Fire. Molina felt he was disrespected. See it for yourself:

Personally I think Molina has blown the whole thing out of proportion. The rant was kicked off by Giants beat writer Henry Schulman who blogged about it on the San Francisco Chronicle website. Molina then commented on it in his blog at Bengie, what part of it was a joke don't you understand. I am sure you have been called much worse at the ballpark. He admitted he was the slowest runner in the league and the tape shows why. I can relate to being slow. When I ran in school they timed me with a sun dial. I find it hard to feel sorry for Bengie. He makes over $6 million. If you are an athlete and you mess up you are open for ridicule. You need to take a page from a former catchers book.

In his book A Catcher In The Wry, Uecker talked about his speed on the basepaths. He said they would whip the ball around the infield and still throw him out. It's just a game Bengie. There is no reason to get mad over something that small.

For the record, I would also knock any Cubs player who did the same thing.

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