Friday, May 28, 2010

Goodbye Little Buddy.

Bun died around 10:00 last night, just as I was getting ready for work. He was just laying on the floor and I figured he wouldn't make it until morning. I petted him for a couple of minutes and then got ready for work. I heard a strange noise and after checking on him realized that what I heard was his last breath.

Bun came from a pet store in Rome. She Who Left In The Middle Of The Night wanted a rabbit. I wasn't enthused about it but agreed to get him. When she departed Bun stayed. He probably wouldn't have survived the trip and I didn't mind his being left behind. By then he had been growing on me.

I am not sure exactly what happened to him. He hadn't been real well for a few days but I never realized just how bad he was. His appetite dropped a little but not enough that I was concerned. I am going to miss him, but I won't be replacing him. I had decided some time ago that he would be the last pet that I would have. I buried him in a wooded area nearby. I took some pictures but the sky was overcast and they didn't turn out well. When I get better lighting I will take a few more pictures and post them here.

Rest in peace little buddy. You will be missed.


Travis said...

Sorry, you lost your pet, Howard.

Dana said...

Awww ... sorry to hear about Bun!

Jeff said...


So sorry about your rabbit, Howard.