Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's The Problem?

While I was on my little hiatus, KFC came out with their newest offering, the Double Down. It is simple enough, two chicken breasts with bacon and cheese between them. It is eaten like a sandwich with the major difference being there is no bun. Of course this caused an outcry from those who claim that this is one of the reasons we are facing an obesity problem in this country. I have no use for people like that. First of all, is it any of their business what someone eats? Secondly, who made them the judge over this? I agree many people in this country could stand to lose some weight. I am one of them. It is my choice what to eat. I will not have a stranger telling me what to eat.

I get a little tired of people picking on certain businesses and blaming them for the ills of this country. Normally when it comes to food it is McDonald's that they go after. How nutritionally terrible is the Double Down? Calorie and fat wise it is similar to a Big Mac. Those complaining need take into account two things. First the restaurant is KFC. It is not a health food place. Second, no one is forcing you to eat there. Maybe I just look at things differently, but if I am offended by a business or a product I simply ignore them. Getting vocal about it doesn't solve anything. So would I eat a Double Down? Of course I would and I did yesterday. My opinion? It wasn't bad but I won't buy another one. My inner Jack Benny objects to the price. I've got to keep Jack happy.

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Jeff said...

I completely agree, Howard. No one can force anyone else's hand to pick something up and eat it. That's called personal choice.

I hate it when people sue the tobacco companies or McDonald's when they get cancer or get fat.

Nothing can force you to put anything in your mouth against your will.