Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm Feeling Old.

I've been busy the last week trying to get some stuff together to sell at a flea market Saturday. I have too much stuff and I'm trying to simplify things a little. We will see how this works out.

Today I went to Rome and experienced something that I never had happened to me before. I stopped off for lunch at CiCi's Pizza and was given a senior citizens discount. This gave my inner Jack Benny a major conflict. While it is good to save money wherever you can, you don't want to acknowledge the fact that age is creeping upon you. To top that off, I was given the discount without even asking for it. My birthday is in about 10 days, at which time I will turn 55. I will just take this as an early birthday present from CiCi's.

I am on vacation until Monday. I do this every year to get a little break before the Christmas madness begins. Last Sunday morning, I revisited my old stomping grounds and worked a couple of hours in dairy. The guy who works it was falling behind and needed a little help to get the job done. Of course I couldn't resist needling him a little bit and I told him that they had called in a professional to show him how to get the job done. This was the first time since I moved to electronics that I had been sent over to grocery to help out. I have no problem doing that once in a while but there is no way that I could do it on a regular basis. 

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