Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Staying Focused.

Normally, staying focused on the job is a great thing. That way you can get the job done and not make any mistakes. However, when your job is robbing a convenience store, not paying attention to your surroundings can have consequences, as a young man in Snellville, Georgia found out the hard way. He walked up to the counter of a QT convenience store and demanded all their money. What he failed to notice was the police officer who was in the store. The store manager complied and put all his bills in a bag and handed it to the young man. Had he not been so focused on getting the money he might've noticed the manager was smiling the whole time he was putting the money in the bag. That should've been a tip off that things were not going to go well for him. While he was getting the money the officer moved to the door, where he greeted the young man upon completion of his task. Hopefully now the young man will have plenty of time to contemplate the error of his ways an try and honest profession when he gets out. You can watch the robbery here:

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