Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Now on DVD.

 There were three big new releases this week. Actually, calling the one that leads off a new release is misleading, since technically it is a re-release. There is a 3-D version, which is brand-new. That is the version that has been in theaters the last couple of weeks. The Lion King has brought in more money than Disney was anticipating and it probably will be in the theaters for another couple of weeks. The IMDB rates it an 8.3, which places it number 112 out of the top 250 movies rated. On its initial run the Lion King brought in $312,855,561. It has been re-released several times and now its total box office draw is $407,751,570. I have no plans of buying this since I already own it.

 Fast 5 is the fifth entry in the Fast and the Furious franchise. Personally I have never seen any of them, even though I am a fan of Vin Diesel. This movie also has the added attraction of another one of my favorite actors, Dwayne Johnson, but I just don't care for movies that are basically one long car chase. I know more than that happens in these, but I'll still pass. It is fairly popular, as shown by the 7.4 rating on the IMDB and it brought in $209,837,675 at the box office. I would say the odds are good of a sixth movie being made.

The other new release was Scream 4, another movie that I have no intention of seeing. I consider all the movies like the Scream saga nothing more then gruesome death movies. I don't mind scary movies. I just don't care for gory ones. The IMDB rates this a 6.5 and at the box office it brought in a somewhat disappointing $38,180,928. That was disappointing, considering they spent $40 million making it. Don't cry for them because it brought in more than that overseas so they did show a profit on it.

We are now hitting the time when the big summer blockbusters will be coming out on DVD. It was a little crazy last night at midnight, and I look for that to get worse as the weeks go by. I did buy one DVD this morning.

"Weird Al" Yankovic had a special on Comedy Central Saturday night which was titled Weird Al Yankovic Live: the Alpocalypse Tour. It is a concert film of one of his shows, and I really enjoyed it. If you are a "Weird Al" fan, I strongly recommend this.

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Rob S. said...

That's interesting that they're retrofitting 3-D onto The Lion King. I hope that doesn't start a trend -- or at least, that the trend doesn't extend into grown-up movies.