Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now on DVD.

We have another week where there will be two movie release days. Green Lantern will be coming out Friday and I will talk about that on that day. For this week the movie that did the best in the box office was Horrible Bosses, the tale of three men who decide to help each other eliminate their bosses. The IMDB rates the movie a 7.2 and it brought in $117,338,069.

Zookeeper was somewhat of a disappointment at the box office but made up for it overseas. It actually did a little better there than it did here in the United States. People on the IMDB were not overly impressed with the movie as it is rated a 4.6. They spent $80 million making it and in the United States it brought in $80,112,560. Since it brought in $84 million overseas it was a profitable movie. I would say there is a possibility we might see a sequel to it. That is only based on my opinion not anything that I have read.

The final new release was a major disappointment for the studio. Based on a series of books by Megan McDonald I think they were hoping for a new franchise. Unfortunately this was not the way to get started. The IMDB rates it a 3.0, and it only brought in $15,013,650, which is not good for a movie that cost $20 million to make. They titled the movie the Not Bummer Summer, but unfortunately it turned into the bummer summer.

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