Thursday, May 14, 2009

Be Kind To Your Waitress.

It pays to be nice to your waitress. A man eating at a South Carolina Waffle House didn't follow that advice. He complained about the service which he said was too slow. He ordered grits, sausage, toast, eggs, and a waffle. (What you were expecting steak and lobster?) To show his irritation about the slow service he threw his waffle at the waitress. He would have been better off eating it.

The waitress went out to her van and returned with a pistol. There was a struggle over the gun and it went off while it was pointed at the floor. The bullet ricocheted off the floor and hit the complaining customer in the arm. They didn't state it in the article, but I will bet the waitress didn't get a tip.

On another restaurant note, I decided today that anytime the manager at Taco Bell goes on vacation, I am going too. The assistant manager placed the order that I put away this morning. There was a lot ordered that we didn't need. I had to figure out what to do with it all. The same manager will be doing Monday's order, so I expect another heavy one. This guy doesn't look to see what is on hand before he orders. Next time, somebody else will get to put it all away.

The Cubs beat the Padres again 6-4. Right now there is a three way tie for first place in the National League Central Division. The Cardinals, Reds, and Brewers share the lead. The Cubs are only a half game behind. That is one of the fun things about this time of year. This kind of thing occasionally happens.
Travis was right. A centaur was half human and half horse. A minotaur was half human and half bull. I couldn't find any half human/half dogs.

Today's question is Grade 4/World Geography.

What is the capital of Sweden?

I knew that one. 96-17.


Travis said...

I have no idea what the capital of Sweden is.

I hear ya about the ordering though, Howard. When I worked at the Japanese grocery store I just flat out took over the ordering of the produce, because I couldn't stand the way anyone else did it. Even the owner was horrible at it.

Winthrop J. Quiggy said...

I knew this one, but I admit I had to run through the list of capitals filed in my head before I remembered which one was Sweden's. Stockholm.

As far as wait staff goes, I never get my tailfeathers ruffled if the food is not right. Its not her or his fault, after all, usually.

Volly said...

Hey. It's been five days.

Where you at?

Jeff said...

I'm with Volly! I miss your posts!