Monday, May 4, 2009

Tough Choices.

One of the blogs I enjoy reading is called Dumb As A Blog. It is sponsored by Tru-TV. One thing they do every week is is list five dumb criminals and then let the readers vote. Usually one will stand out more than others, but this week the choice was a little harder. I am going to mention each one. If you want to read more about them, click here and follow the links on the blog page.

The first dumb criminal (I will call them DC from here on) was a 19 year old young lady who attended a wedding. During the reception she stole the bridesmaids gifts, as well as one of their wallets. She has been charged with felony theft.

DC number 2 is a 37 year old drug dealer from Cleveland, Ohio. What put him on the list was his choice of places to peddle his wares. He didn't hang out on a street corner, he went to the parking lot at police headquarters.

DC number 3 is a 68 year old Publix shopper. While shopping for his groceries he sampled some wine and ate part of a candy bar. He then put what he didn't consume back on the shelf. When confronted by a Publix employee he gave a fantastic quote, "What are you going to do, call the police?

DC number 4 is a 39 year old gentleman who entered the court building in St. Lucie, Florida. As with most courthouses these days, he went through a security checkpoint and emptied out his pockets. He had the usual things, keys, change and a marijuana pipe. He was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Our final DC was a gentleman who went riding on his horse. His destination was a strip mall in Arvada, Colorado. He had obviously enjoyed some liquid refreshment before riding and was charged with riding an animal under the influence.

In deciding my vote I quickly eliminated 1 and 5. I went with number 2 but most of the people voting have gone with number 4. The vote continues until next Sunday.

The Cubs won their third straight game, beating Florida 6-4. Unfortunately Carlos Zambrano pulled his hamstring trying to beat out a bunt single. They are not sure exactly how bad he is hurt. Hopefully he won't miss many starts.
"Or" and "but" are conjunctions, not interjections.
Today's question is Grade 5/Science.

An animal that has a backbone would be classified in what subphylum?

I had to guess on this one and I guessed right. 89-16.

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