Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Movie Day.

Tonight I will be seeing X-Men Origins:Wolverine. They have built a new theater in Dalton. It is by the Walnut Square Mall. They used to have nine screens in the mall. The new theater has twelve screens and they all have stadium seating. I saw Dragonball Evolution there and was very impressed with the entire place. I didn't find out about a special they have until I saw the previews before the movie. Every Tuesday you can buy a small soda and a small bag of popcorn for $1.00 each. You don't find that at many theaters. Tomorrow I will tell you what I think about Wolverine.

Ryan Theriot hit his third home run in four games and helped the Cubs win their fourth consecutive game by beating the Giants 4-2. Lou Pinella has been trying to get Ryan to hit the ball harder and it seems to be working. He had gone 620 at bats without a home run before he hit that grand slam Friday. There was some bad news however. Carlos Zambrano was placed on the 15 day disabled list with that pulled hamstring. Hopefully he will be fully healed and back in a couple of weeks.
An animal that has a backbone is a vertebrate.
Today's question is Grade 3/American History.

The Mound Builders built mounds to be used as what?

  • A) farmland
  • B) lookout points
  • C) burial grounds
I knew this one. 90-16.

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