Thursday, May 7, 2009

Forgiving Nursing Home Fines.

The Illinois House Of Representatives has begun debating a bill that would forgive fines that nursing homes recieved from negligence or any other care issue. The Senator who sponsored this bill recieved $25,000 in campaign contributions from the nursing home industry, but of course he claims that had no effect on his decision to try and get this bill into law. The Senate has already passed it on a vote of 58-0.

Personally I think it is a bad idea. I worked in a nursing home for nine years. I was the Supervisor of laundry and housekeeping. They are not the easiest places to work. They provide a very vital service and for the most part are very caring places. However there are those who cross the line and that is why they get fined. If you remove that the places that are not so good will have no incentive to improve their conditions. The plan is for them to spend the fine money to improve their facilities. What guarantee is there that they will actually do it? There are too many questions that need to be answered. I am hoping that the House defeats this bill.

Rich Harden won his third game of the season as the Cubs beat the Astros 6-3 yesterday. Kevin Gregg has settled down and got his fifth save this year.
Travis was right. I didn't think the Volga was considered to be in Europe.
Today's question is Grade 5/Measurements.

One gallon equals how many pints?

  • A) four
  • B) six
  • C) eight
I knew this one. 91-17.

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Travis said...

That sounds like insane to not fine those people. If there is no punishment for their actions then why would they ever change them? If they don't use the fine money to improve their facilities, then what? Give them another phantom fine that means nothing?

answer: 8 pints, I hope.