Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Final Flu Post.

I am sick and tired of all of these flu stories. (rim shot) So sick that I am going to write one more. Then I promise no more talking about it.

First. A definition from

1. (of a disease) prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world; epidemic over a large area.

The World Health Organization is not calling this a pandemic, but it could become one. the media has latched onto the word and has driven it into the ground. According to the WHO, as of May 2, there are 658 confirmed cases. We need to give the media dictionaries.

Secondly, the doctors in Mexico criticized the WHO for not launching a full scale pandemic alert. They have 397 confirmed cases. Mexico City has a population of about 20 million. Where is this drastic emergency? I have The Count pictured here because he needs to teach these doctors how to count. The death toll that we were lead to believe was 160, has now gone down to 16. I am curious where the media comes up with their numbers. This story list the death count as 20. Who do we believe? I'll take the WHO numbers over any other source. I think this entire story can be summed up by the Bard Of Avon himself, much ado about nothing.

The Cubs have won their last two games. On Friday Ryan Theriot displayed some power. His grand slam helped the Cubs win 8-6. Yesterday Ted Lilly struck out 10 and the Cubs won 6-1. The final game of the series is this afternoon.
Travis was right. A Senators term is six years.
This weekend's question is Grade 2/Grammar.

True or False? "Or" and "but" are examples of interjections.

I knew this one. 88-16.

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