Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Short Break.

I have had a slight case of writers block lately. I also am getting ready for a trip which hasn't helped at all. My vacation starts September 1. I am going to leave on the third for Illinois. I will be there about 5 days. I am looking forward to yet, yet there is a little sadness since this is the first time I have been back since Dad passed away last year. I will start blogging again after I return.

Before I go, I want to respond to Rob and Jeff about the Pete Rose situation. I agree that there are guys in there who morally are much worse than Pete. In fact, while I am on my break I will do some research and will do a post about Ty Cobb. My main objection to Pete was he put himself above the rules, and I recall reading somewhere in a Good Book about reaping what you sow. I understand why you feel Pete belongs.

In case you are wondering about the picture, I did a Google image search for short break and that popped up. It is from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. You can find it here.

I will resume the fifth grader questions when I return. Just in case somebody didn't actually know, "Custer's Last Stand" took place at the Battle Of The Little Big Horn. It was in all the papers at the time.


Jeff said...

So far as I know, Ty Cobb himself was not a wife beater. In fact, I'm pretty sure his only infraction was that he was cantankerous.

The "wife beater" comment was meant to pertain to someone else REALLY famous who I won't mention.

Volly said...

Hope it's a good trip, Howard. I'm now working in Dalton and almost went to Calhoun this weekend for car repairs. Last time my H and I passed through that area, I think we ate at "your" Huddle House. It's the one with a red, white & chrome color scheme like the 1950s?

Making jokes about Duffy's Motel is another favorite traveling activity. :)



Jeff said...

Howard, I hope you're doing okay. I also hope that your trip home wasn't too sad, but that you were able to enjoy the rest of your family.