Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Broken Obsession.

Last year I wrote about the obsession that one of my male co-workers had for a female co-worker. I will revisit that to the point where I am calling the male Herb and the female Jennifer. Jennifer has been fired and Herb is upset about it. She was fired for drug usage. She came to work while on meth. Her behavior was very erratic and she ended up cutting herself while opening a box, so the firing was justified.

Herb had never quit obsessing over Jennifer, but she did encourage it somewhat. He hadn't been as blatant about it. A few months ago Jennifer broke her ankle so she had been off work. When she returned Herb was elated. Last week two of my co-workers asked me to talk to Herb and ask him to back off. Herb made sure he took his lunch when Jennifer was there. She totally ignored him but he refused to get the message. Jennifer has had a few mental problems over the years and those that new her best said she was close to breaking. It is possible that Herb pushed her over the edge and she turned to drugs, but I won't lay the total blame on him. I had found out that Herb was giving her money and then was ignoring him. I don't talk to him as much as I used to. He asked me about her and I told him she was using him. Several of us tried to tell him to stop it and he refused. Now he is paying the price.

I feel sorry for Jennifer and I hope she gets her life back under control. It is a sad story all the way around.
Sorry, Travis. A tulip is a monocot. says a monocot is "Any of a class of angiosperm plants having a single cotyledon in the seed. Monocotyledons have leaves with parallel veins, flower parts in multiples of three, and fibrous root systems. Their primary vascular bundles are scattered throughout the stem, not arranged in a ring as in eudicotyledons. Grasses, palms, lilies, irises, and orchids are monocotyledons." I really don't like science.

Today's question is Grade 3/American History.
Which of these was NOT one of the original 13 British colonies?
  • A) New Jersey
  • B) Delaware
  • C) West Virginia
I knew this one. 122-21.