Thursday, August 6, 2009


There are a lot of people today who try to get as much as they can without doing anything for it. They find those who are overly trusting and then get as much from them as they can. There are many methods that they use. They are excellent story tellers and can be extremely convincing. Most have no conscience or sense of guilt. Some even feel like they are entitled to it.

I mentioned yesterday that even though Herb was harassing Jennifer she still used him. I know first hand about that. I loved my wife, but I didn't work two jobs for years because I liked working. The same is true for She Who Left In The Middle Of The Night. She would work long enough to make it seem like she was helping, then she would quit. About a year after my wife died I met a lady and I fell for a sob story. It was the old tale that she needed money and had it, but couldn't access it for a few days. I told her I would help her and then she was going to repay it. Of course I never saw the money and I was out $600. Because of all that I made sure I knew that My Lady was not a user before I got involved with her. Occasionally you can teach on old dog new tricks.

I never have understood the user mentality. The examples I gave were women, but men are just as bad. Of course sometimes the user gets what is coming to them. I ran across the tale of a man who was cheating with on his wife with three different women. He had conned one of them out of $3000. They got their revenge with a tube of super glue. They did not know about each other, but were tipped off by his wife. Can you say payback?
Travis was right. West Virginia became a state during the Civil War.
Today's question is Grade 4/English.
Which is an example of the correct use of a comma?
  • A) Oct, 31 2006
  • B) Oct. 31, 2006
  • C) Oct. 31 2006
I knew this one. In fact I found it hard to to type it. It just didn't feel natural. 123-21.

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And yes, I don't like users either. I don't get it.