Monday, August 17, 2009

That Didn't Take Long.

They have not officially reinstated him yet, but that hasn't stopped the NFL from selling the Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick jersey. It can be yours for only $79.99. (Where is Triumph the Comic Insult Dog when you need him.) I agree that Vick deserves a second chance, but in my opinion it is a little tacky for the NFL to cash in immediately on it. It shows what their main concern is, the almighty dollar. I don't have a problem with them trying to make money, I just feel that they should have waited until it is official.

I am also wondering just how effective he is going to be. He has not played in two years and he definitely will not be the starting quarterback. The Falcons were not happy with his last few games. He did not seem to have his head into the game. How is he going to respond when a crowd boos him? Philadelphia fans have a reputation of being rough on the home town players. When they are on the road, I am sure he will face out right hostility. I hope he is prepared for that.
Luke is 54 inches tall.
Today's question is Grade 4/Music.
What does a double bar line at the end of a measure signify?
  • A) a rest
  • B) the end of a piece of music
  • C) the end of a measure
I had to guess and I was right. 132-21.

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