Thursday, August 13, 2009

Farewell Taco Bell.

It was a job that I never wanted. I had somebody living with me and I did not want to have to work a second job. She was supposedly trying to get one, but I could tell that she was only going through the motions. I put in several job applications and Taco Bell was the first that called. The interview was basically a formality. I was what the manager was looking for. The job I was hired in for was cleaning captain, a fancy title for janitor. Since I have 16 years cleaning experience in nursing homes and hospitals it wasn't that hard. I had cleaned surgery rooms so a fast food restaurant was easy. I was working about 20 hours a week. Two days my job was to unload the truck, put it all away, then do some basic cleaning. About a month after I was hired the person living with me moved out in the middle of the night. She left a note and one of the things it said was now I could quit Taco Bell. I kept the job for awhile to get some bills caught up. I decided that I would quit in February 2008. Before I quit I told the manager that if he wanted me to I would stay on two days a week and do the trucks. That was acceptable so I did that.

At the end of June I gave my notice. It was a six month notice and I would quit at the end of the year. At that time the trucks were arriving on Wednesday and Saturday. Around October it was changed to Monday and Thursday. That change made it easier for me and I stayed on. I finally decided in early June of this year that I would quit at the end of August. I am going on vacation to Illinois at Labor Day and I did not want to work two jobs when I returned. My leaving was pushed up two weeks due to another scheduling change. The trucks had been scheduled for 2:30 A.M. on both Monday and Thursday. If you have been following this blog you know that Thursdays have been a lot later. The new schedule calls for Monday deliveries at 1:00 P.M. and Thursdays at 10:00 A.M. Since I work Monday nights there is no way I am going to unload a truck and then have to work all night.

I am writing this before I go in. I am going to check at 7:00 A.M. Hopefully the truck has been there. If not, I will get as much ready as I can, clean the parking lot, and they will call me when the truck arrives.

One of the biggest reasons I have stayed is because of the way I have been treated. They really do appreciate what I have done. There has been a manager change since I started but the attitude remains. They basically stay out of my way because I obviously know what I am doing. I will miss the people, but I am ready to rest a little more. I don't need the money. It was nice having it but I usually ended up blowing it. Now I have to be a little more responsible. I think I can handle that.

Addendum. It is now 11:45. I went in at 7:30 and the truck was being unloaded. I spent three hours there and I now am done. It has been fun, but I really won't miss it.
Sorry Travis, but granite is an igneous rock.
Today's question is Grade 2/Health.
Which of the five senses is most directly related to the olfactory system?
Must resist bad joke until tomorrow. Sorry, I was talking to myself again. I knew this one. 129-21.

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