Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have very exciting plans to ring in the new year. I will be stocking the dairy department. I know, I know, you all wish you could lead such an exciting life instead of living vicariously through these blog posts. Just remember, no one said life is fair.

Seriously, 2009 was a good year for me. My overall health is good. I am having a few more aches and pains but considering I am 53 years old that is to be expected. I enjoy my job. Naturally there are things about it that sometimes drive me crazy, but I leave those at the store. They have no place at home. My relationship with My Lady is going great. I am in the best financial shape I have ever been in. This post is sickeningly sweet isn't it.

As good as this year has been 2010 looks even better. I hinted about a big change in my life coming. Barring an unforeseen circumstance something will happen to me that I never dreamed would. No, I am not getting married. I am going to leave this cryptic for now. It will be revealed in good time. I wish you all well for the coming year. Thank you to everyone who reads this. I was once told by someone that no one would be interested in what I had to say. That has been proven wrong. Happy New Year, everyone.


Travis said...

I hope you have a Happy New Years as well, Howard. Don't work too hard.

dsmcaron said...

I believe there is always someone who wants to hear what we have to say, even if we aren't interesting. And since I rarely post anything really interesting, I am glad I believe that. But I do and shame on whoever said that.

Of course, I am all curiousity now.