Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I was going to do this post Monday, but I got hit by the flu bug. It was just a minor case but I didn't feel like doing anything. I even missed a day of work which I don't like to do. This is my 400th post. In good comic book tradition, every 100 is something a little special. Sometimes I am amazed that I have actually made it this far. I have a few new friends so I am going to post a few links to old posts. If that doesn't scare them away, nothing will. First of all, I have finally found a video which delivers the line that I use as a title. It is not the full scene but it does deliver the line. If you don't want to watch the entire video, watch at least the first 45 seconds.

To give a little background on me, I was married for almost 22 years. My wife died suddenly from a blood clot on June 5, 2000. Three years later I started living with a woman who was 23 years younger than me. That lasted 4 years until she moved out on me in the middle of the night. Two months after that My Lady invited me over to her house for Christmas. Because of what I had been through I was not going to get into another relationship so soon. That plan lasted about 3 months. We are going together but have no marriage plans or any plan to live together. We work together and see each other several times a week away from work. She has a skin condition and I talked about that here. That gives you some background on me. When I started this blog my intention was to talk mainly about baseball cards and comic books. That plan worked real well, didn't it? I want to thank everyone who reads this and comments on it. If you are a lurker and haven't said hi yet, please do so. I read the blogs of those who do and have found several interesting blogs from it. I have also been lurking on a few and I am going to take my own advice and say hello.

I found this ad in Sunday's paper. It was in the coupon section. This is one of those ads that leads to two questions, what were they thinking when they decided on this ad, and what were they thinking when they approved it. The ad is for Farm Rich, which makes some really good mozzarella sticks. In fact, there is a bag in my freezer now. But to say since you can't return your kids you might as well feed them is ludicrous. Evidently the writer of this is a fan of W.C. Fields.

I have a message for Al Penwasser. I once again am not able to post comments on your blog. (I use Firefox and on a few blogs that happens. I had been able to open the page in Internet Explorer but now IE isn't working.) Al made a post similar to my Random Thoughts post on Sunday. Well done, Al. I have a feeling that if you and I ever meet it needs to be at a secret location. If we met publicly we would soon be greeted by those gentlemen with the fancy white coats and we probably would never be seen again.

It has been awhile since I posted a baseball card. This card is from the 2009 Topps Updates And Highlights set. Throughout the 2009 sets, Series one and two, they have been doing cards of the past stars. This is a very unusual Babe Ruth card. Note the uniform. It is Babe in his last year with the Boston Braves. I have several cards of Babe, but this one is now my favorite.


Al Penwasser said...

It's great to have someone to talk to here in the Lunatic Fringe. Congratulations on your 400th!

Jeff said...

Congratulations on 400 posts, Howard! I look forward to reading it each day.

Dana said...


I may not always comment, but you know (I hope) that I'm always here reading!