Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hand Washing.

I have worked in hospitals, nursing homes and restaurants. Obviously hand washing is a big deal in all of those industries. With all of the bacterias and diseases floating around proper hand washing is a great way to stop many of those. Even knowing that a lot of employees skip that step and a lot of people get sick because it. So how do you insure that people who should be washing their hands actually are? Modern technology, of course. A company called HandGiene has come up with a way of checking up on employees to make sure they are complying. I am familiar with the technology they are using. Wal-Mart is using something similar to track merchandise. There a chip is put on a pallet. Sensors record when the merchandise enters the back room and again when it goes to the sales floor. Here the chip is put on an employees name badge. It then records when they approach a sink and when they leave. Here is a visual showing how it works. Of course there will be those who complain that this is intruding on their privacy. There will be people who will get into trouble because of this. In my opinion, they deserve to.
That may sound harsh, but how many people could they infect simply because they won't do what they know they should?

In a little while I am going to meet My Lady at Wal-Mart. We are going to have a portrait made. I do not like having my picture taken but I decided that I would like to have one with her. I have posted an informal picture of us but this one will be better. When we get them I will scan it and post it here. I am actually going to be wearing a suit and tie. It will be the third time I have worn this suit. It was my Dad's. I wore it to his funeral. The only other time I had it on was when I took My Lady to Red Lobster for her birthday. I don't know a lot of the day workers at Wal-Mart but I am sure I will surprise those that I do. They are used to seeing me wearing a t-shirt and jeans.


Al Penwasser said...

Is there a sensor on the ink that activates the sensor on the badge? Or does does the sensor on the badge activate when they enter the bathroom?
Speaking of bathrooms, I hate the type of sinks that have faucets that immediately turn off when you let go. Meaning you must use one hand to keep the water on while you run your other hand under the water. How can you properly soap up like that? I'm curious.

dsmcaron said...

Where is the photo? I've been looking for it! I was washing my hands today and I thought about this post. I also thought about cans of corn with germs from unwashed hands. Even I think that's a strange train of thought!