Saturday, December 5, 2009

Increasing Milk Sales.

Here in North Georgia there is one thing that guarantees extra milk and bread sales, snow in the weather forecast. It was in the forecast for last night, and this morning we actually had some flurries, but it has already stopped and the snow has melted. People get into a panic over snow. 16 years ago they did have a blizzard which shut down the Interstates. That was three years before I moved here, but people still talk about it. I do not know exactly how much snow they had, but compared to some that I have seen in Illinois I know it wasn't that much as you see there. Of course the big difference is equipment. Northern states have plenty of trucks that are ready to roll before the snow starts. Here they don't have much, but it would not be cost effective to buy it.

There were a few questions from my last few posts. Instead on answering them in the comments section I will do it here. Al asked me where the restaurant was that had the couple arrested. I don't know what part of Pennsylvania you are in Al, but it was the Lehigh Pub in Bethlehem. Al also asked about how the hand washing sensors worked. There is a chip in everyone's name badge. Near every sink is a monitor. When you approach the sink the monitor records the chip. The data is all compiled and if the boss wants see how many times employee A has washed their hands that day, the information is easily retrieved.

Caron asked about the pictures. I had hoped to put them here in my blog on Monday, but I will have to wait until December 15. I can view them online, but the studio has their name all over the pictures. After I have paid for them I will scan them and post them at that time. I smiled when I read your thinking about germs on cans of corn. That brought to mind a customer we used to see. I haven't seen him in quite awhile and I presume he has passed away. When he shopped he always started out in produce, where he would get a lot of the produce bags. When he bought a can of any type he would put it in a bag. At no time would he touch the cans with his bare hands. He would spend two to three hours shopping, and rarely bought more than 20 items.


Al Penwasser said...

Thanks for the answers, Howard. While I don't live in Bethlehem (no room at the inn-ouch!), I'm about 45 minutes from there and could very easily have blundered into that establishment. Your answer about the chip in the badge makes sense. I'd be okay with it.

Jeff said...

I love it when there's supposed to be a blizzard (heck, even a snow fall) because everyone goes ape$#!+ at the grocery store. It's hilarious.