Tuesday, December 22, 2009


For Christmas this year I took My Lady to the Wal-Mart portrait studio and we had our pictures taken. I hate having my picture taken but this was my idea. This is my personal favorite pose.

I don't decorate for Christmas. When my wife was alive we had an agreement when it came to Christmas decorations. I put the tree together, put the lights on it, and then stayed out of her way. What you see here is a year round display. The snowmen were made by my Grandma. The bottles that they are sitting on is the special Jones soda Christmas pack. The flavors are Sugar Plum, Egg Nog, Christmas Ham and Christmas Tree. This was a gift from She Who Left In The Middle Of The Night. This actually came in the mail after she had left me. I have always liked Nativity sets. I am one of those who believes Jesus is the reason for the season. The final Christmas thing is the penguin snow globe. I saw it at Dollar Tree and bought it.

I am off for the next four days. I am ready for a break. I spent the last hour this morning straightening in infants. I do not like working in fashions but I go where they send me.


Dana said...

These are all wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Merry Christmas to you and "My Lady"!

dsmcaron said...

It's a funny thing. You don't look anything at all like my grandfather and yet you resemble him in some way I can't put my finger on. I think it is the smile. I remember photos of him from when he was about your age and it really struck me. The photos are nice - I'm so glad you got them and posted them for us. You both look great! Ya scrub up well. ;)

Enjoy that time off. You deserve it.

Jeff said...

Enjoy your break, Howard!