Wednesday, January 6, 2010

McNuggets Madness.

Some people are very fanatical when it comes to their Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds. Last year a woman was so outraged that they were out of them that she actually called 911. While I disagree with her calling 911, her situation was mishandled by the staff at that McDonalds. It was after she placed her order and paid for it that she was informed they were out. She was offered a different meal, which she didn't want. She wanted a refund, which was due, but they weren't going to give her that. It was their fault and she should have had her money returned. If I was the owner there whichever manager was on duty would have been fired. I have worked enough fast food to know that the counter people are supposed to be informed immediately when you are out of something. When I first heard about that I figured there would be no other story about Chicken McNuggets that would have topped that. Of course, I was wrong.

On January 1 Melodi Dushane went to a McDonalds in Toledo, Ohio, and placed her order for McNuggets. Since it was 6:20 A.M. they were serving breakfast items, not dinner items. She was enraged and pulled up to the drive-up widow to argue. She punched the cashier in the mouth, took a swing at the manager, and then shattered the drive-thru window with her fist. Can you say over-reaction? I knew you could. Ms Dushane has been charged with felony vandalism and has been ordered to stay away from McDonalds until her court appearance. I am surprised she wasn't charged with assault, but that night come later. I thought it was the Big Mac's that attacked, but I guess the nuggets are the rage today.

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A piece of news said...

I can understand losing my cool over a quarter pounder, but I totally have to draw the line at those nuggets. That's just not right!