Monday, January 25, 2010

What A Night.

Last night was stranger than usual. You see a lot of weirdness when you work third shift in retail but last night went a little beyond. First I had my normal routine interrupted by a major change being done in the produce department. They totally stripped out the refrigerated cases, washed all the shelves, and reset the product. We will be hearing some complaints from that because people will have to look a little more to find what they want. They do this periodically but usually a little at a time, not the whole thing. Our freezer is located by the produce area. Usually I have plenty of room to break down my pallets, but last night was very crowded. Fortunately, the truck had come in early and they sent someone to stock it. He did about half the truck which did make my job easier. The worst part of working around the produce people is there was one who obviously loves the sound of his voice because he was sharing it with everyone. You could hear it through most of the grocery side. Thankfully I was done in frozen at 3:30 A.M.(usually I get done at close to 7:00) and was able to get away from him.

The second unusual thing was something that I found down one of the frozen aisles. I saw a shirt laying on the floor. That is not unusual as people change their minds about things and just leave them. This shirt, however, was not one we were selling. It was someones stained shirt. I love people. A little later I went to the mens room and there, sitting on the sink, was one of our hand baskets, filled with socks, sweat pants, and a small pillow sitting on top of it. There was no one else there. I have no idea who put it there and why. There are some things that are probably best left unknown. Like I said strange things happen at nights.

As weird as my night was it was not as bad as the other night at the Wal-Mart in Canton, Ohio. There, at 1:30 A.M., a man answered natures call in the store. He urinated on the meat case. They had to throw away $600 worth of meat. You never know what will happen when you work nights.


A piece of news said...

Besides being disgusting, that sort of thing makes me angry. I hate it when I see that someone has put frozen or refrigerated food on a shelf in the housewares aisle, for instance. Don't they realize what that costs the retailer? I am actually one of those "weird" people who go all the way back to put something away WHERE IT BELONGS.

Dana said...

I will admit to not wanting to traipse back to whence I came after changing my mind about a purchase, but I will ALWAYS do it if it is a perishable item and, if I'm already in line to check out, I will - at the very least - give the item to the cashier (which probably isn't much better, but at least I'm not sticking the frozen TV dinner in the dog food aisle)!

Howard Bagby said...

Some time ago I did a post about that. It is amazing how much stuff we have to throw away every night because of that. I would love to find someone who does that, go into their house, and empty out their refrigerator, placing everything throughout the house. then see how they like it. It is one thing for something to be thrown away because it is spoiled, it is another to have to be tossed because of laziness.

Howard Bagby said...

They way I look at it as long as it is in the proper refrigeration I am happy if people just put the item in the case. It doesn't have to go where it belongs. What some people don't realize is if refrigerated items get put in the freezer they still have to be tossed. Giving it to the cashier doesn't guarantee it will be returned, but it is their fault if they don't. That is much better than just placing it in the lanes before they check out. We find a lot there.

marion said...

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