Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Tonight Show.

I am taking no sides in the controversy going on with the Tonight Show. I haven't watched it since 1992. I saw the first few shows that Jay Leno did and I wasn't impressed. I have nothing against Jay, I am just indifferent when it comes to his humor. I liked Johnny Carson and when he retired simply lost interest. I am posting three videos today from the show, two with Johnny and one from a night when Don Rickles was the guest host.

The first is a classic. Ed Ames portrayed a Native American on the Daniel Boone series. He he demonstrates tomahawk throwing.

This one George Gobel had come out last, following Bob Hope and Dean Martin. Keep an eye on Dean.

The last one has Don Rickles as the guest host. Bob Hope walked out unannounced and brought two friends with him.

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