Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Thunks.

1. Build It Yourself Coffin Kits. Creepy, interesting, cost effective, your new hobby?

Cost effective and a good idea if. My Dad had talked about being buried in a plain wooden coffin. He had read where that was what Billy Graham had been buried in and thought it was a good idea. The cost of coffins can be extremely high. He asked my brother to build him one, but my brother declined. I understand why he did. We were able to get one and at the visitation several people commented on how much they liked the idea and when their time came that is what they wanted.

2. Can you blow up a balloon under water?

Possibly, but since I am allergic to drowning I wouldn't try.

3. Why do you think when naming citrus fruit they simply named an orange the color it is?

The person in charge of naming things was out to lunch. His assistant had always wanted to name a fruit after its color and took the opportunity to do so.

4. Insanity Cafe's topic of the day on Tuesday was this article. Have you ever known someone to do something embarrassingly stupid like that?

No one I know has even come close to doing that, at least as far as I know.

5. If you got stranded high on a mountain in the snow, how many snowmen would you make? Would you name them and talk to them?

I wouldn't make any. My hands were frostbit when I was 13 and I quit doing things like that afterwords. If there were any one there I wouldn't talk to them. The voices in my head would get jealous.

6. Have you ever tripped and fell while walking up the stairs?

I am glad you specified upstairs. No.

7. If you were to make your own currency what would it look like, what would you call it and would you give some to your fellow Thursday Thunkers?

I would call it counterfeit, with a picture of Al Capone on the front and Alcatraz on the back. You could have all you wanted after signing a waiver absolving me of all responsibility.

8. Have you ever made a Mr. Potato Head from a real potato?

No, but my wife once tried using a sweet potato as a plant. It didn't do to well.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Very funny! "I am allergic to drowning" was the best...

A piece of news said...

You are funny! I wrote about why I don't make comments when I first read your blog.