Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Evil Today.

Sorry, evil took the day off today. The Thursday Thunks people have also. That means I have to come up with my own topic. I have made a few minor changes around here. Tuesday in her blog Amid Life's Crises, Dana pointed out a few things that bloggers do that can be annoying. I wish I had been wearing my steel-toed boots because she stomped all over my toes. (I know, you want some cheese with that whine.) Just kidding Dana.

There were two things on the list that I had been doing, and one that I used too. First, if you want to make a comment here, and I really enjoy it when you do, you do not have to use word verification to do so. I really hadn't thought about it being there and it was a no-brainer decision for me. (Which is good because my personal theme song is If I Only Had A Brain from the Wizard Of Oz.) The second is I had not been responding to comments left here. I am now doing that. The one thing that I had quit doing is talking about not posting. I try to post on most days, but if I miss one (or several) so be it. Some days it is a time factor, not feeling well, having nothing to say, or simply being lazy that day. (My money is on the laziness.)

Most of what she mentioned I don't do. I don't have a counter and I don't want one. I do like doing the Thursday Thunks meme, but not to increase readership here. It gives me a creative outlet for my sense of humor, which by now you should have figured out is slightly warped. (O.K. There is no slightly about it.) If you like what I have to say or are amused by it, welcome. I am not going to drag anyone here.

There are a lot of blogs out there that are based on one theme. I read several of those and enjoy them, but I don't want to write one of those. I like baseball cards and comic books, but if I were write one of those I would quit in about a month. I have more interests than that. I like commenting on things I read, talking about my life, coming up with a topic for the day. Thank you all for reading.


A piece of news said...

I am one who does go back to see if my comments have gotten a response, but I wasn't convinced anyone on my blog was doing that, but I did start periodically making comments. Blogger doesn't have a function for responding to each individually, so I am lazy about it and don't comment on each and every one, but mostly as a group.

I like your meme as a reflection of your personality. Your answers always make me chuckle - so much so that I know I couldn't do the meme because I would want to model your answers. I have always thought that.

And you know, there are things Dana does that I don't like, so just keep on keepin' on!

Howard Bagby said...

Thank you for the kind words. I have always enjoyed writing and this gives me an outlet for it. I have always liked making people laugh. Thank you for reading.

Dana said...

What? There are things I do that some people don't like? I am shocked! OK ... not really, but that does give me an idea for a blog post *snicker*

I think some folks may have taken my post in a way it wasn't intended, but if you found something useful in it - that makes sense for you and how you blog - then I guess it was at least a little bit successful!

Howard Bagby said...

Like I said, most of it didn't apply to me, but the things that did made sense. I have had to remove a few spam comments so far, but that is what the delete button is for.