Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Now On DVD.

The big movie this week was Pixar's Cars 2, which of course was a sequel to the 2006 movie Cars. I may be alone in this, but I am not a huge fan of Pixar movies. They are not bad movies, but there is just something about them that I do not enjoy. The only one that I really like was The Incredible's. I have seen the first Cars movie, but I have no desire to see this one. It was somewhat of a box office disappointment as it only brought in $191,130,189. The disappointment being the fact that they spent $200 million to make the movie. Of course, overseas sales did help tremendously and it ended up totaling over $551 million. The IMDB rates the movie a 6.5.

 The second new release was the romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love. I like Steve Carell, but I'll pass on this one. It did fairly well in the box office, bringing in $83,904,895 and is rated a 7.6 by the IMDB.

The other new movie released was a love story Water For Elephants. This one stars Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson. This movie has somewhat of a local connection as part of it was filmed in Chattanooga. That still is not enough for me to want to see this movie. It brought in $58,709,717 and is rated 7.0 on the IMDB.

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