Monday, November 14, 2011

Video Game Madness.

Last week I mentioned about the madness that went on with the release of the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This is by far the best selling video game that I have been associated with, including the time when I was electronics manager at Kmart. I do not play these type of games myself because I am no good at them, but this game seems to be bringing out the warrior in some people. The weekend before it was released, a gang in France hijacked a truck and stole 6000 copies of the game. In Modern Warfare style, they used tear gas to stop the truck. The estimated worth of the shipment was $500,000.

In Aurora, Colorado, a man went into the local Best Buy and claimed that he had pre-ordered the game. When they informed him that they had sold out, he got angry and threatened to shoot the employees when they went to their cars. If that wasn't enough, he also threatened to blow up the store for good measure. The man was not arrested but was issued a summons to appear. In an interview. He said he did not know that his words could get him in trouble. Obviously he's not been paying attention to the news lately.

On that same night in Kansas City, Missouri, a young man got tired of waiting in line at a Game Stop and decided to simply follow somebody home and rob them of their copy. That part of the plan went well, but unfortunately for the robber his intended victim decided to fight back, even though the robber did have a gun. It obviously was not the smartest thing that the intended victim had ever done, but he did prevail in this instance. Police went to the Game Stop to investigate, and the robber was there waiting to purchase his game. It probably will be a while before he gets to play the game.

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