Friday, November 25, 2011

Surviving Another Year.

Another Black Friday is over and nothing out of the ordinary happened last night. The best description that I can come up with is it is like watching piranhas feed. I spent the first part of the night guiding people to a line where we were selling laptop computers for $198, and I was also near several pallets of small appliances. At 10 o'clock I attempted to cut plastic that the pallets were wrapped with, and I wasn't very successful at it. People were pulling stuff off before I could do anything, not to mention I had to be careful not to cut anybody. The sale actually started a couple of minutes early because one customer shouted it was time and started ripping the plastic. Of course, that started the feeding frenzy. I wasn't nearby, but I was told that they had some excitement around the towels that were on sale. One enterprising young lady basically jumped onto the display and began tossing towels over her shoulder to a friend. Naturally, there were several people who could not understand why the items that went on sale at midnight were not available at 4 AM.

When I returned from lunch, I was drafted into running a register in the electronics department. I don't mind as much doing it there because you're not trapped in one spot. After getting the lines caught up I spent the rest of the morning assisting customers and ringing up a few more sales. The first part of the night, drug a little bit, but then the second part flew by. I left around 5:30. There had been reports that people are not going to be turning out like they had in the past. I'm not sure how things were in the rest of the country, but the crowds here were as big as ever.

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