Thursday, November 17, 2011

Second Chances.

Next year looks to be a pretty interesting year for the Chicago Cubs. There is a new general manager, Theo Epstein, a new manager about to be announced, probably Dale Sveum, and a major headache will be given another chance.

Last August I wrote about Carlos Zambrano's meltdown and his subsequent suspension. Zambrano has met with Epstein and will be given an opportunity to make the team next spring. I have mixed feelings about that. While I agree that everyone deserves a second chance, Zambrano has had more than one to mend his ways. As good a pitcher as he can be when he has his head on right, he can be one of the worst when he lets his emotions get the better of him. The decision to keep them probably rests on the fact that he will be paid $18 million next year whether he pitches or not. It would be hard to find a team willing to pick up that salary, not to mention taking the risk on the attitude. So, for better or for worse, Carlos is still around. Hopefully the suspension opened his eyes and he will come to spring training a reformed man.

Unless something drastic happens Aramis Ramirez has played his last game for the Cubs. I like Ramirez and he puts up very good numbers, but the numbers don't translate very good into wins. Considering the amount of money that he wants, he is not really worth the price that he wants. I am sure he will get it, but I don't see the Cubs paying that much.

I really don't have in the predictions for next year, but I am looking forward to see what Epstein has up his sleeve. He did a very good job in Boston, ending the curse of the Bambino, and now we get a see what he can do with the curse of the goat.

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