Friday, November 4, 2011

A Specialty Salad.

It's always nice getting something extra when you buy something. A woman in South Pasadena, California got that when she bought a prepackaged salad at Costco. The salad came complete with a live tree frog in it. I had recalled reading a story a few years ago about the same thing, but that story was unconfirmed. This time there is some credibility to the tale. Just watch this video:

It is believed that the frog made it through the processing system because the lettuce was not chopped. The salad was organic, so no pesticides  were used and it would've been possible for the frog to have passed through the packaging process. Normally when you read about a story like this you see the person obtaining a lawyer and preparing to file a lawsuit against the store. Happily, this story doesn't have that in it. All the lady who found the frog wanted was a refund on the salad, and to keep the frog. It is refreshing to read about somebody with that kind of an attitude. Not everything that happens should lead to somebody trying to get rich quick.

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