Friday, January 13, 2012

Fines for Singing.

Most people agree that the Star-Spangled Banner is a very difficult song to sing. There's been a lot of press about the way certain celebrities have sang it. An Indiana State senator is trying to get a bill passed that would find any performer $25 if they don't meet certain criteria with the way they perform the song. Any place where the anthem is sung would be required to keep recordings of it for two years. The bill is good intentioned, but wrong on so many levels. First of all, who sets the standard as to the way the songs to be sung? Secondly, who then judges whether or not the performance was within the standards? What one person deems as good, another may loathe. I like Barry Manilow, but you won't hear him on my friend Don Colletts' radio station, Project 42. The person judging the performance may simply not like the artist and will hit them with a $25 fine just for that reason. I would be greatly surprised if this bill actually becomes law.

In business news, I read where the Hostess company has fallen on hard times and has filed for bankruptcy. They just emerged from bankruptcy in 2009 and things are still not going well for them. Hopefully they will recover this time and continue to produce their tasty treats for a long time. After all, without their help, how would superheroes ever defeat super villains?

Whatever happened on Facebook on Wednesday seems to have been corrected. I was able to post a link to this blog on my page yesterday. Things have really quieted down at work, which is a good thing. The next big event will be inventory, which should be in March. Also, I am once again beginning to feel like a human being, having spent the last week with a nasty cold. Next week I am planning on finally starting my other blog, The 1956 Adventure. I reserved the title almost 2 years ago and it's now time to get busy on it. My goal is to have two posts a week on it. It will mainly be about the 1956 Topps baseball card set. I will post a picture of the card and talk a little bit about the player. I'll put a link here when I begin.

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