Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Topps American Pie, Part One.

Topps has issued a new American Pie set. This is the third set that they have done, but the first since 2002. The previous sets were a combination of baseball players and non-sports figures, historical events, and other assorted subjects. This set focuses mainly on history, starting at World War II. I bought a hobby box, which guaranteed me three relic cards. Those cards include autographs, celebrity worn memorabilia, patches, stamps or coins. The first one I got was from Louie Anderson.

Until I read the card, I did not know who Justin Willman was. Until I lost cable a few months ago Food Network was one of my favorite channels and I had never heard of Willman. Then I found out he was on some of the shows that I never cared to watch, Cupcake Wars, Last Cake Standing, and Halloween Wars.

I saved my favorite card for last. What you see is actual dirt from the Lewis and Clark trail. I like offbeat stuff like that. Tomorrow I'll talk about the basic set.

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