Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Nightmares End.

I don't buy as many comic books as I used to. The biggest reason is I am not a fan of the direction that they're using for superheroes today. Someday soon I will talk about the titles that I do buy, but one title that I have been getting just came to the end of the tale. Marvel Comics has finished a 31 issue adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand. I will do a full review of it at a later date after I have reread it. This adaptation was very well done and I have enjoyed revisiting the story.

I was first introduced to The Stand by She Who Left in the Middle of the Night. My introduction was the TV miniseries. After watching that I bought the revised edition of the book that King put out, the one where he added 400 pages. I'm a big of Stephen King and this is my favorite of all his works. A few years ago, when I heard that Marvel was going to adapt the book, it immediately went on to my pull list. For those of you who are not familiar with that term, each month, the comic book store that I go to, Fantasy Factory in Dalton, saves for me the books that I want. That is call my pull list. Now that The Stand has ended the only Marvel title that I am buying is an adaptation of Stephen Kings Dark Tower. There is talk that the next adaptation will be Salem's Lot. If they follow through with that I'll be getting those.

The thing that I am not enjoying about today's superhero titles is too many titles are being tied into one major story, or in the case of DC comics, they have restarted everything. I don't have a problem with characters being refreshed, but I have read too many restarts and really don't want to go there again., Heroes have also gotten darker which just isn't my cup of tea. A lot of my friends of been enjoying what's going on and I'm glad that they are, but I'm going back and rereading the tales from the time that I like best. One great thing about fictional characters is that you can pick and choose the tales that you prefer. If you don't like a certain story, you can simply ignore it.

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