Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hackers at Work.

A couple of months ago my e-mail account was hacked and spam was sent to everyone in my address book. A couple weeks after the first instant it happened again. I wasn't sure exactly how to deal with it, but I figured if my address book was empty, nothing more could be sent out. If I need to send an e-mail I simply type the address in, which works fine because I rarely communicate by e-mail.

Yesterday somebody got into my mother's e-mail account. I received an e-mail from her that I knew, just from the subject, that she hadn't sent it. A little later in the day she sent out a message telling everybody what it happened. Curiously enough, I had another message waiting for me, this one from Facebook, which informed me that someone had accessed my Facebook account from a different device than what I normally logged in from. Because of that my account had become frozen. When I responded to that, and confirmed that it was not me, I was shown that the attempt had been made from somewhere in South America. I am fairly certain that I did not travel to South America yesterday.

Several years ago I had my Yahoo account hijacked. Whoever was doing it was going about it while I was online. I ended up having to cancel the account and start again. It is hard for me to understand that thrill the someone gets from doing something like that. Those that do it think they are the smartest people in the world, but at some point their overconfidence gets them, and they learn what payback really is.

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