Monday, November 17, 2008

Does Anybody Know What Is Going On Here?

I was asked a couple of weeks ago to go to grocery. I agreed and was told the change would take place the next week. Now every time I ask about it I get the I don't know routine. They request it, I agree to it, and now the whole thing is in limbo. Isn't management great? I will still do it when they ask, but for now I am not going to bring it up again. I was doing it as a favor to them. I would not mind getting out of the cold departments, but the ball is in their court.

On another note, I got some real bad news on my schedule. I am scheduled off November 27. That means I will not be there the morning of November 28, which we in retail lovingly call Black Friday. Now if you bought my being upset about not being there, I have some real estate I want to sell you. It gets crazier every year and I am glad I won't be there. I will still get my 40 hours because I get paid for the holiday. Instead about that time I will be at Taco Bell unloading their truck. I would much rather do that. Normally that truck comes on Thursday, but they have pushed it back a day for the holiday.


Radiodad said...

You lucky dog. I have to work November 27th AND 28th!

Howard Bagby said...

I promise not to laugh at you on those days, well, not too much anyway. If I recall right you have never worked one before. Good luck.The one advantage to the day is you will be so busy the day will fly by.

Travis said...

It ain't so bad, Don. I worked the Friday after Thanksgiving 13 years in a row.

Just kidding it sucks. :D