Thursday, November 6, 2008

Major News Story.

You would have thought that Barack Obama becoming our president would have been the lead story in every newspaper across the country. Had you thought that, you would have been wrong. The Rockdale Citizen, published in Conyers, Georgia felt that a local story about a dog attack, The county board, and the sheriffs election was more important.
I went to their website to see if there were any letters to the editor complaining about that, and I found one of the least helpful newspaper websites that I have seen. I love newspapers and I like checking out new ones. This one has the least amount of news I have seen. I guess they simply want you to buy a copy, which is admirable from a business sense, but in this day and age it is an old fashioned attitude.


Volly said...

It always bothered me that the Times Free Press online doesn't publish letters to the editor. And they wonder why the Chattanoogan is such hot competition.

The AJC online is tops, IMO.

Tim said...

Check out for a nearly useless newspaper website. The blog bit at the top is about all you can get to.

Rob S. said...

That looks to me like a newspaper that didn't want to pay a service for a photo. They've got their local guys there, taken by their staff photographer, but an Obama shot would have cost money.

And would have been worth it, in order to not look like the Podunk Picayune.