Saturday, November 22, 2008

Therapy Session.

Last night was a very rough night. I deal with stupidity on a daily basis, but yesterday they topped themselves. As the night progressed I kept revising what I was going to write today. It was going to be fairly savage in a very sarcastic tone. Yet as the night progressed other thoughts took shape. The anger started to fade and I just started cracking jokes about the situations. By the time I left this morning I felt no need to vent. By writing the blog in my head I felt as if I had had a nice therapy session. I don't want this blog to have a whining tone. It did me good to write it in my head and that is where it will stay. If I let the job get to me then I become like most of the others I work with. I like to think I am better than that. I will just laugh at the absurdity of it all and go on.

I can hear you thinking. So what does the pig have to with today's post? Absolutely nothing. Yesterday I requested that you send post cards to a lady who has had a re-occurrence of breast cancer. This is the card I am sending her.

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