Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Money Keeps Rolling In.

Last month I talked about the $500,000 I was going to receive. Right now I am looking at a check made out to me for $4875. The enclosed letter tells me this is the first payment. I will receive another check for $120,125 after I talk to them. They are going to want me to cash this check and send them $2975, after which I will get my check. This has to be legitimate, doesn't it? I mean I have the check right here. They wouldn't be doing anything devious would they? Sadly, like the other scam there are people who will fall for this.

The first sign I had this was a scam was on the envelope. There was no return address. If it was legitimate the address would be there. I guess I will continue to gain my fortune the old fashioned way, by working hard for it.

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