Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Will The Real John Smoltz Please Stand Up?

This is kind of like the old show To Tell The Truth. Donruss printed these cards as part of their 1990 set. These cards are bonus cards, which are not part of the regular set. They designated one player from each team as the team MVP and a card was printed and placed randomly in packs. Was this done intentionally to sell more packs? It probably was. The card companies will claim that is not the case, but most collectors don't believe them. Personally I don't go out of my way to get the error cards. I am not going to pay a premium price for any card. Of course since these cards are from a set was overprinted, they are not worth much. The true Smoltz card is worth all of a quarter, and the impostor is worth a whopping dime, and that is provided you can find a collector willing to get that. Of course, if I found a Braves fan I might get a little more for them, but I definitely couldn't retire from the proceeds. In case you don't know, the true Smoltz card is on top. The impostor is a legitimate MVP on his own, Tom Glavine.

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