Thursday, November 20, 2008

Don't Do It.

When working in retail most of the people you deal with are very nice. Then you have those who you just want to punch out. They are the know-it-alls who tell you what a lousy job you are doing, or how much your employer inhales vigorously. The one that truly stands out to me did just that. I was the Electronics Manager at K-Mart and had a "gentleman" tell me how great Wal-Mart was and how much K-Mart sucked because they had the same item priced differently in their stores. He claimed you paid the same amount for any item in Wal-Mart no matter where you were. I told him that all companies priced differently depending on their market. If there is less competition you will pay more. He was very happy to inform me how ignorant I was because he could walk into any Wal-Mart from Atlanta to Chattanooga and pay the same price for any certain item. I was also informed how much greater Wal-Mart was over K-Mart. I bit my tongue because I wanted so bad to ask him if Wal-Mart is so great, why are you here? I figured he had been at Wal-Mart bad mouthing them and they sent him out.

The reason I brought this up is yesterday in Springfield, Illinois a clerk in a meat store hit a customer over the head with a wooden stick. You can read about it here. His reasoning on it was very faulty however. He told the customer he still owed 35 cents. When the customer asked why he hit him. I have a feeling that employee is no longer working there. No matter how tempting it is, attacking a customer is never justified.

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