Thursday, August 11, 2011

How About Some Ice Cream?

Unless you are lactose intolerant, very few people don't like ice cream. However, there are some flavors that you might not be adventurous enough to try. I know I'm not. I ran across a list titled 101 Frightening Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World. A majority of those flavors are from Japan, but there are a few that you can find here in the United States.

Several of the Japanese flavors are fish and seafood based. It does make sense considering how much seafood is a part of their diet. I personally cannot see me ever sitting down and eating Octopus, Crab, Shrimp, Fish, or any other flavors of that type. Of course, outside of fish, I am not much of a seafood eater. Food Network used to carry the original Iron Chef series, and some of the things they served there I wouldn't have ate on a dare. Number 43 on that list, I might've liked as a baby. That one is Charcoal flavored. My Grandma Bagby heated her house with a coal burning stove. I have been told that I often could be found eating out of the coal bucket that she had there. However, I'm not so sure that I would enjoy that flavor today.

There are a few American flavors listed here. The Chunky Bacon that I showed here is one of those flavors. That is one I would actually be willing to try. Doesn't bacon make everything taste good? However, I will pass on the Mustard, Chicken Fried Steak, Chocolate Garlic, and the Sauerkraut Sherbet. I do like ice cream, but there are very few on this list that I am willing to try. How about you?


Travis said...

There a few there I would try. I've had plum win ice cream (which isn't on that list), so I imagine red wine ice cream which is on there wouldn't be too different from that.

Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters in Tallahassee Florida said...

I'm a food coward, and I'm willing to bet that just reading the list would make me ill.

Tim Cousar said...

The original Iron Chef can be seen now on the Cooking Channel.

Jinxo56 said...

I wish I could get the cooking channel, unfortunately, I can't. I know that probably couldn't get the rights to it, but I would love to see those on DVD.