Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now On DVD.

I'm going to change the way I do the new DVD releases a little bit. They will be listed in the order of how they fared at the box office. None of the movies this week were big box office draws. Leading off the list is Paul, a comedy about two friends who find an alien. It is rated 7.1 on the IMDB and brought in $37,412,945.

Coming in a very close second to Paul, was Jumping The Broom, a film that was produced by the T.D. Jakes ministry. The people on the IMDB were not very impressed with the movie. They only rate it a 4.2. While it is not my kind of movie, I don't think most people who did like it voted. I say that because at the box office it brought in $37,295,394. That is pretty good for a movie of that kind.

Your Highness is, as the title implies a stoner movie. It is nothing that I want to see but it did get rated a 5.8 on the IMDB. It was a little disappointing at the box office and only took in $21,596,445. The producers had higher hopes for this movie. ( pun intended)

Mars Needs Moms was a huge disappointment for the Disney company. The budget for the movie was $150 million and it only brought in $21,392,758. Those rating the movie on the IMDB were not very kind, either, rating it a 4.7.

The final movie was a direct to DVD title, Tactical Force, starring Steve Austin. It is not yet rated on the IMDB. To be rated a movie has to have five votes.

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