Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Now On DVD.

This was a very light week for new releases. There is one movie that came out this week that I'm not including here because I didn't see any copies of it. That one is the movie The Beaver, which starred Mel Gibson. I'm not sure why we didn't get any copies of it, but I'm only putting in here what I saw. Of the three movies that I'm going to mention here. Only one of them was released in theaters here in the United States. So, by default, the money winner this week is Win Win. I don't have an opinion about this movie because I have never seen it, nor had I ever heard of it. It is rated a 7.5 on the IMDB and did $10,179,275 at the box office.

The second movie released was Blitz, which was seen in theaters in the United Kingdom but not in the United States. The movie stars Jason Statham who plays a cop chasing after a serial killer. It is rated a 6.3 on the IMDB.

The final movie was a re-release of Walt Disney's Bambi II. This was originally released in 2006. It is rated 6.2 on the IMDB.

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