Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Now On DVD.

The top drawing DVD that came out this week was Something Borrowed, a romantic comedy. It is rated a 5.5 on the IMDB, and brought in $39,046,489 at the box office. Personally I have no desire to see this movie.

Priest is one of those movies set in a post-apocalyptic world that is inhabited by vampires. Priest's niece is kidnapped by the vampires and he goes to free her. It is rated 5.7 on the IMDB, and had box office receipts totaling $29,136,626.

The Conspirator is a historical drama directed by Robert Redford. It is based on the story of Mary Surratt, who was hung in 1865 because she had a lousy choice of tenants in her rooming house. One of her borders was a gentleman named John Wilkes Booth. I trust I don't have to tell you who he was. This one looks like it would be right up my alley, but I will wait a while and by it after the price goes down. It is rated a 7.0 on the IMDB, but only brought in $11,533,409 at the box office.

Jane Eyre is the latest film version of the classic novel. It is well-liked on the IMDB and has a 7.6 rating. at the box office. It brought in $11,242,660.

Hoodwinked Too:Hood Versus Evil is one of the movies that I saw in theaters. I liked it a lot more than a lot of the others. The IMDB rates it a 4.4, and it brought in $10,143,779, which is not good for movie that cost $30 million.

Marley And Me: The Puppy Years is a direct to DVD sequel to the Marley And Me movie from a few years ago. It currently is rated a 6.4 on the IMDB, but that rating is only based on 12 users. It will definitely change as more people vote.  On a side note, last night there were actually two people waiting until midnight to buy this movie. That amazed me. I can understand it for a Harry Potter movie or a Twilight movie, but not a direct to DVD movie.

The final movie is another direct to DVD release. This one was John Carpenter's The Ward. It is the story of a woman in an insane asylum where the patients are disappearing. This movie was released in Europe, but not here in the United States. It has a rating of 5.7 on the IMDB.

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