Wednesday, October 15, 2008

100 Posts.

100 posts. It should be more, but have a wonderful habit (if your sarcasm detector has not gone yet you better check it) of not doing today what can be put off until tomorrow. Hopefully post 200 will be a lot faster.

I have had a lot of fun doing this. More people than I realized have read it. I knew my friends from the Captain Comics Board would be reading, but I have had several comments from others, including the person who took to to task for declaring Scott Peterson is guilty. For the record, I still believe and if that person wants to comment here I will ignore them. Hopefully that person now has a life outside of that crusade. To the rest of you, thank you.

I have revealed more about myself than I planned on, but I am having fun doing that. If you find what I say interesting or entertaining that makes me very happy. I have always enjoyed writing but am not very disciplined when it comes to that. I am trying to change that, slowly but surely. My goal for the rest of this year is a minimum of 5 posts a week and to try to post daily. For next year I hopefully will be disciplined enough for daily. As for the baseball cards i had been posting, I have suspended them temporarily. I am working on an idea for a second blog which would post a baseball card a day. I need to get ahead on that before I launch it. It probably will appear on January 1.

Last night Vickie and I watched Quigley Down Under, starring Tom Selleck and the man I consider the greatest movie villain, Alan Rickman. Rickman hires Selleck for his marksman abilities, but when he tells Selleck he is to kill aborigines, Selleck refuses the job. Selleck finds himself left to die in the desert with Laura San Giacomo, but of course being the star of the movie he comes back. It would have been on awful short movie if he hadn't. The showdown at the end is one of my all time favorite movie scenes. If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend it. IMDB rates it a 6.5, I gave it a 9.

I have talked about Vickie and here is a picture of us. You can tell I spend a lot of time getting my hair just right. Thank you for reading for blog.


Rob S. said...

Congrats on hitting 100, Howard!

Travis said...

Excellent work, Howard. I can't wait to read the next hundred.

Jeff said...